Why it stands out

Spring water

A series of quality control checkpoints and dozens of daily chemical analyses on a daily basis make sure that you enjoy high quality water directly emerging from natural springs.

Total Hardness 95,7 mg

Having an extremely low total hardness (95.7-chemical analysis of 2014), Kostilata’s mineral water contains a considerably low concentration of salts so can be easily consumed and digested, thus promoting our health and promoting normal kidney function.

Low Sodium

Its low sodium levels and the almost inexistent nitrates prove our water’s higher quality and they guarantee both its superiority and quality, promoting an easy and healthy digestion.

Kostilata’s Springs

Kostilata’s Springs are located in the magnificent Athamanian Mountain, the wildest mountain ridge of Pindos Mountain Range. It is noteworthy that in the area there are more 300 water springs.
Each drop of Kostilata’s natural mineral water starts is journey as a snow flake or rain drop, from the peaks of the Athamanian mountains, it follows an underground route, it runs through the natures rocky filters and it gushes in its spring at an altitude of 1450m, where the bottling takes place in the most sophisticated production line.
This procedure ensures water’s quality and maintains its clarity and pureness totally unaffected by any human intervention as it is constantly protected by a fortress of geological layers which are further reinforced by the winter’s ice. Thus Kostilata’s water is literally a raw diamond, a gift of nature that you can enjoy every day. It is fully protected by any pollution danger due to its underground origin and the prohibition of any polluting activities in the springs area.

Crystal Taste Award

Kostilata’s natural mineral water received the Crystal Award (3 stars, 3 years in a row) in the framework of the internationally recognized evaluation process of the International Taste and Quality Institute.

Exceptional water Athamanian Mountains

Bottled at the spring at 1.450m altitude

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